Maintaining the safety and stability of your home requires crucial structural repairs, even if it is well-built. To help you approach them better, this blog post examines various types and methods of structural repairs.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Beams

structural LVL Beam Install

LVL beams are a popular choice for structural support as they are stronger and more stable than traditional wood beams. Professionals bond layers of wood veneer together with adhesive to create LVL beams, making them free from knots and other imperfections that can weaken the wood.

If you intend to use LVL beams for your home’s structural repairs or framing, it is essential to work with a professional. They can help you determine the appropriate size and spacing for your specific needs, as well as install and secure the beams correctly to ensure they provide the necessary support for your home.

Structural Repairs using Steel Beams

Steel Beam

Steel beams are also commonly used for structural support, particularly in commercial and industrial buildings. Steel beams are strong, durable, and fire-resistant, making them an excellent choice for buildings that require extra support. Additionally, they can span a longer distance than LVL beams to create a wider opening on a supporting beam.

A professional should also ensure that steel beams are appropriately sized and secured. Steel beams often need to be welded or bolted together to create a secure connection. Steel beams need protection from rust and corrosion, which can weaken the metal over time.

Joist Hangers

Joist hangers are metal connectors that attach wood joists to wood beams or other structural supports. They are commonly used on perpendicular wood connections. Joist hangers are a vital component of a strong and stable floor system and can help prevent sagging or other structural problems.

If you need to replace damaged or worn-out joist hangers, it is crucial to select the right size and type for your specific needs as different sizes of hangers required specific sizes of structural screws. It is also necessary to space and stagger the screws that attach the hangers to the joists and beams properly. This ensures that the hangers provide the necessary support.

Sill Plate Replacement

The sill plate is the bottom plate of your home’s exterior walls, responsible for transferring the weight of the structure to the foundation. Foundations are commonly constructed with concrete and will require a pressure-treated sill plate to minimize risk of damage. If you notice signs of damage or wear on your sill plate, such as cracking, rotting, or insect damage, it is crucial to replace it as soon as possible to prevent further structural problems.

To replace a sill plate, you need to gently lift the house off the foundation and remove the old plate or replaced with a smaller dimension sill plate. A new plate can then be installed and secured using structural screws and other appropriate hardware.

sill plate replacement before, during and after

Masonry Structural Repairs

Masonry is a popular building material for chimneys, fireplaces, and other features of the home but is mostly commonly used as the foundational support to home structure. Over time, masonry can crack, deteriorate, or become damaged, leading to structural problems. Masonry repairs can include patching and filling cracks with epoxy and replacing damaged bricks or stones and cinder blocks. Additionally, cider blocks can be filled with high strength concrete and rebar among many other options.

It is essential to work with a professional who can ensure that the repairs are done correctly and that the masonry is appropriately supported.

Choosing a Structural Repair Contractor

When it comes to finding a qualified professional for your structural repairs, it’s essential to do your research and find a contractor with experience and expertise. RPK Construction is a well-respected and trusted name in the industry for homeowners in Southeastern, Pa and surrounding areas in NJ. With years of experience in structural repairs, RPK Construction has the knowledge and skills needed to handle any job, big or small. We work with experienced structural engineers and provide on-going training for our technicians to handle the most complex structural repair projects.

Whether you are dealing with LVL beams, steel beams, joist hangers, sill plate replacement, or masonry repair, RPK Construction can help you choose the right materials and techniques for your specific needs. Our team of qualified professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure your home is safe and stable for years to come.

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