As a homeowner, discovering bowing block walls can be a frustrating and worrisome experience. Structural damage is not something to take lightly, which is why taking immediate action is crucial. Luckily, RPK Construction offers five highly effective solutions for repairing bowing walls that will prevent minor issues from escalating into severe problems. 

Rhino Carbon Fiber Straps

Rhino Carbon Fiber straps are a perfect choice if you want a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective solution. These straps are lightweight, flexible, and incredibly strong, allowing them to repair minor to severe bowing block walls and cracking. The industrial-strength epoxy bonding the high-strength carbon fiber straps to the wall, along with the steel brackets, creates a robust support structure that prevents further bowing or movement. 

Rhino carbon fiber strap bowing block wall repair


Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors are another practical option for repairing moderate to severe bowing block walls. These anchors require excavation and some disruption to the landscaping around your home. Still, they are an effective solution for repairing bowing walls caused by soil pressure or other external factors. 

Wall anchor bowing block wall repair

Nolan Straps

For cracked and inward-bowed block walls, galvanized steel Nolan Straps are a perfect fit. These straps prevent wall tipping and further bowing inward while acting as steel reinforcement on the interior face of the wall. They resist stretching and stabilize the wall, although they cannot remove the crack or bow in the foundation wall. 

Steel Beams

If the bowing damage is severe, steel beams are a reliable, long-lasting option providing adequate support. Although slightly more expensive than carbon fiber straps, steel beams offer a permanent solution that provides reassurance about the durability of the repair.

Steel beam bowing block wall repair

Total Block Wall Rebuild

Finally, a total block wall rebuild is the most extreme solution for cases where the bowing block walls is severe. Although this option may be more expensive and take longer to complete, it provides the peace of mind that comes with a completely new and stable wall. 

In summary, RPK Construction is your go-to choice for all bowing wall repair needs. Their expertise and equipment ensure they can provide a professional, efficient, and long-lasting solution to any problem. Don’t let bowing walls cause you anymore worry – contact RPK Construction today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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